We have listed our concerns, now it is time for action.

The first thing you can do is support our crowdfund to bring a legal challenge to Department of Education here

Second, if you are a parent, guardian or carer you can join the national boycott of nationality data in the School Census by discussing your refusal to participate at your local school. You can use our template letters and share our leaflets.

Third, please sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about the campaign and what you can do in your local area.

If you want to do more, then contact us let us know how we can support you.

We ask all parents, pupils and school staff to work together to stop the Government from collecting children’s nationality and country of birth information, as you are legally entitled to do.

How can I support the boycott?

Picture of 5 year old boy holding sign saying "Place of Birth: Planet Earth #BoycottSchoolCensus"Support our legal challenge crowdfund parentsI’m a parent / guardian / carer schoolsI work with children