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Delete pupil nationality data or face legal action, campaigners warn ministers Schools Week 21st September 2018
Schools fail to ‘obtain’ nationality data on quarter of pupils Schools Week 7th December 2017
The School Census Is Turning Sanctuaries Of Learning And Growth Into Places Of Discrimination And Division – It Must Be Boycotted Huffington Post 17th May 2017
School census will force children like me into the shadows Right to Remain 27th April 2017
Government reviews pupil nationality check guidance after schools’ passport demands Schools Week 28th February 2017
The School Gates Should Not Be A Border Checkpoint Huffington Post 23rd January 2017
‘Refuse, retract, resist’ school nationality data collection – Director of Liberty Schools Week 19th January 2017
Boycott birth census, civil rights group urges parents BBC News 19th January 2017
Human rights campaigners attack Government’s ‘foreign children list experiment The Independent 16th January 2017
Human rights charity warns headteachers over pupil nationality data collection Schools Week 15th January 2017
School governors forced to declare nationality to Government iNews 13th January 2017
“Let the little children come to me” – the school census boycott City of Sanctuary blog 9th January 2017
UK Government apologises to Italian families over ethnicity question in school census The Independent 25th December 2016
Pupil data shared with Home Office to ‘create hostile environment’ for illegal migrants The Guardian 15th December 2016
DfE had agreement to share pupil nationality data with Home Office Schools Week 15th December 2016
Speak to immigrant students like me before you ‘deprioritise’ them The Guardian 8th December 2016
Theresa May had plan to ‘deprioritise’ illegal migrant pupils BBC News 1st December 2016
UK schoolkid data shared to “create hostility” against illegal migrants Ars Technica 1st December 2016
Don’t help the state bully migrants – boycott the school census The Guardian 1st December 2016
Nationality data was ‘compromise’ on Theresa May’s school immigration check plan Schools Week 1st December 2016
The Against Borders for Children campaign – cause for celebration, but the fight goes on! Migrants Rights Network 21st November 2016
Government scraps plans for controversial nationality census for 2-5 year-olds in humiliating U-turn The Independent 17th November 2016
Jeremy Corbyn lodges motion to stop pupil nationality data collection Schools Week 17th November 2016
Interview with Schools ABC Institute of Race Relations 10th November 2016
Campaign group welcomes House of Lords vote against schools collecting pupils’ nationality data Electronic Immigration Network 2nd November 2016
Government’s controversial school census to record pupil nationality ‘has all the hallmarks of racism’, Lords warns The Independent 1st November 2016
Government’s controversial school census to record pupil nationality ‘has all the hallmarks of racism’, Lords warns Schools Improvement 1st November 2016
The Home Office are turning teachers into immigration officers 31st October 2016
Home Office requested schools census data on nearly 2,500 children The Guardian 29th October 2016
Government facing Lords opposition over widely condemned “foreign children list” – as new figures reveal extent of Home Office school data use Liberty 28th October 2016
School Census Data The NUT 27th October 2016
Schools told to ‘guess’ pupil ethnicity The Independent 24th October 2016
DfE refuses to release pupil nationality data agreement Schools Week 21st October 2016
Individual children’s details passed to Home Office for immigration purposes The Guardian 12th October 2016
Blighty’s National Pupil Database has been used to control immigration The Register 12th October 2016
The national pupil database puts children at risk of racial profiling The Guardian 10th October 2016
Parents of foreign children being asked to provide nationality and citizenship data in school census Bristol Post 10th October 2016
Parents Are Sharing Messages From Schools Asking If Their Child Was Born In The UK Buzzfeed News 7th October 2016
British Parents Are Boycotting School Requests To Declare Their Children’s Nationality The Fader 6th October 2016
Parents call for ‘racist’ immigration request policy to be scrapped from schools iNews 6th October 2016
What schools need to know about collecting census nationality data Schools Week 6th October 2016
The shocking texts and letters being sent by schools trying to identify ‘non-British’ children The Canary 6th October 2016
The shocking texts and letters being sent by schools trying to identify ‘non-British’ children The Canary 6th October 2016
Schools risk becoming immigration offices, warns Leeds MP Yorkshire Post 6th October 2016
#BoycottSchoolCensus: why parents are refusing to reveal their child’s nationality The Guardian 6th October 2016
Schools are asking parents if their children are immigrants New Statesman 6th October 2016
Ignore school census queries on nationality The Guardian 5th October 2016
Misapprehension and misinformation Teacher Toolkit 1st October 2016
Parents urged to boycott schools migrant census The Muslim News 30th September 2016
New immigration data collection in schools: another brick in the wall Media Diversified 28th September 2016
Scrap this pupil data collection: it’s a divisive threat to our children’s safety The Guardian 27th September 2016
Boycott school data trawl, parents urged The Times (£) 27th September 2016
Parents urged not to disclose child’s nationality and country of birth on school census Huffington Post 27th September 2016
BOYCOTT CALL Human rights groups tell parents to not tell schools where kids were born The Sun 27th September 2016
Row blows up over schoolchildren’s birth data UKAuthority 27th September 2016
Pupil nationality data ‘will not be passed to Home Office’ BBC News 26th September 2016
Parents urged to boycott requests for children’s country of birth information The Guardian 26th September 2016
Parents urged to boycott schools’ country of birth requests The Daily Mail 26th September 2016
School census: know your rights Praxis Community Projects 26th September 2016
Children as young as two are being targeted by border police say campaigners 26th September 2016
Parents urged to boycott schools’ country of birth requests News & Star 26th September 2016
School are not mini-immigration offices – and never should be Schools Week Editorial 23rd September 2016
Pupils who were not white British told to send in birthplace data Schools Week 23rd September 2016
Non-white schoolchildren asked to provide proof they are not asylum seekers The Independent 23rd September 2016
4 Reasons to Resist the New Immigration Duty in the School Census Novara Media 22nd September 2016
Responses to controversial new law: changes to the school census 2016-17 Defend Digital Me 16th September 2016
Bringing borders into the classroom: the new immigration duty in the School Census Migrants’ Rights Network Blog 6th September 2016
Parents Are Worried That Schools Will Now Ask What Country Their Child Was Born In BuzzFeed News 19th July 2016
School census changes add concerns to the richest education database in the world London School of Economics Blog 19th July 2016